Last Thursday I released a new course on creating listings in bulk through a template upload. You can find it here!

Let’s talk about listing creation and see if this method is right for you. There are three different ways to create listings

  1. The add product interface in SC. This is easy, and it works well when creating stand alone listings.
  2. The variation wizard. If you are creating variation listings, you can pull up the parent in the Variation Wizard and add the basic info there. You’ll still have to add bullet points and images, but it’ll fill in most of the info for you.
  3. The blank flat file. This method works best when you’re creating multiple variation listings and there is no existing parent. You can create the parent and the variations at the same time.

In this new course, you’ll learn the 3rd method.
I’ve included a few template errors and instructions for dealing with them, most of the errors you’ll encounter are the same as the ones for other flat file uploads, quantity errors, mismatched brand names, ect., so you can reference “Dealing with failed uploads” for the answers to those. If you don’t already have the dealing with failed uploads you can buy the bundle here and get the “Dealing with failed uploads” for free.

If you aren’t familiar with flat files templates, I recommend starting with the Level 1. Variation Wizard guide. Flat files aren’t complicated but there is definitely a learning curve, they can be intimidating looking when you’re not familiar with them. The variation wizard can be used to add variation listings to existing parents or rejoin orphans to existing parents.

After that you can move on to creating parent listings, you’ll gather existing listings that are orphaned and create a parent listing to join them under. Creating parents is a little more work because you have to fill in all the information yourself, which means being comfortable navigating the template.

Once you’re comfortable navigating flat files and dealing with processing errors you’re ready to create variation families

You’ll be creating a parent and all the child listings all at the same time. You’ll fill in all the information based off the tags, and the manufacturers website- Product name, color, size, UPC, bullet points, and more.
You can use the other websites as inspiration for what to put but you CAN’T plagiarize. Big brands don’t like that. Same with pictures, you can’t steal those from other websites. You’ll need to set up a light box or use websites like Photoshopit to create listing appropriate pictures. It’s a lot of things to remember but I’ll help you every step of the way! There are step by step instructions with pictures, and you can post questions in our Facebook group if you need help with anything!

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