Variation theme example: Color and Size

Learn all about Orphan listings and how to fix them. Join us for 4 video calls and join the private Facebook group for support during the week.

We’ll go over the different listing types, Variation themes, I’ll walk you through using the Variation Wizard, filling in blank Flat File Templates, dealing with error codes and so much more!

Workshop Outline:

Week 1

  • Getting organized
  • Identifying the different types of listings- Parent, Child, and Orphans
  • How are orphans created?
  • Understanding Variation Themes

Week 3

  • Variation Wizard walk through
  • Live template uploads and help solving errors presented in Processing Reports.
  • Case templates and opening cases

Week 2

  • Generating your own list of orphans
  • Identifying Parents vs Orphans on the page
  • Recognizing Invisible Parents/Mini-Families
  • Identifying good target Parent listings

Week 4

  • Filling in a blank Flat File Template to create a Parent Listing walk through

We’ll have a members only facebook group for questions and support during the week, along with homework assignments and downloadable content.

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