What is an orphaned listing?

Orphans are child listings that have been separated from the parent listing. They no longer have a parent which makes them harder for the customer to find, as a result they’ll have higher sales rank. We’ve seen orphans with a rank of 26,000,000.

How do you fix them?

There are multiple ways to fix them. Most of them can be fixed using flat file templates and the Variation Wizard. There are times when that doesn’t work, when that happens we’ll open cases and follow up until Seller Support has fixed the issue for us.

What’s the difference between a Parent listing and a Child listing?

Parent listings are just empty ASINs used to connect all the variations of a product. It is unsellable and has no variation specific attributes, meaning there is no color or size assigned to the ASIN.
Child listings are listings for individual variations. They’re each for a different color and size variation of a product.

How do listings become orphaned?

When sellers delete SKUs from their inventory it deletes all the contributions made by that seller to that SKU. This means whenever the seller whoever fixed the orphan last deletes the SKU used to identify the orphan, it will delete the parent child relationship. Shattering the listing again.

How do we sign up?

You can email us or reach out through the Facebook page, we typically have a wait list but I’m happy to answer any questions, talk about pricing, and give you set up instructions ahead of time. If you decide you’d rather learn how to fix orphans on your own, you can click on the DIY course page, we have courses that will teach you how to create parent listings, use the variation wizard and more! and join our private Facebook group for more helpful videos and tips!

How do we set up?

We’re going to need access as a sub user in your account. We’ll also share a form with you for you to add orphans you’ve found while shopping, this will give you more flexibility while you’re out sourcing! We’ll go through the list every week so those new orphans should be fixed by the time they hit AZ fulfillment centers.

Do I need to do anything once you’re set up?

Once we get started we’ll take care of all the cases we open, and we find the orphans ourselves too. This can be a pretty hands off process for you.

Feel free to tell us which categories or brands you want us to focus on. We have clients who only want us to take care of apparel, or prioritize specific brands. We’re always happy to tailor things to your specific need

Any other questions?

Shoot us a message! We love helping out, but be warned I might share your questions in my group after I’ve answered you because I’m bad at coming up with content.