Tarrant Toolbox Services

Get help dealing with all your problematic listings

Are you looking for someone to fix your listings for you or do you want to fix them yourself? Either way, we can help. Look below for a list of our services and a link to DIY courses!

Fixing orphans

We work as sub-users in your Seller Central account regularly monitoring for orphaned listings. We’ll fix the reoccurring ones as well as give you the freedom to buy orphaned products knowing that we can have it fixed by the time it’s live in your inventory.

Creating listings

We’ll create new Amazon listings for you, complete with pictures, bullet points, and a product description

One on one coaching

Schedule one on one coaching if you’re more of a DIYer and you want help solving a specific problem. I’ll get a detailed overview of the problem ahead of time so I can explore the issue and be ready to help you sort it out when we get on the call.


Do you have inventory that you know is incorrectly sized? Are you being overcharged you for shipping and other fees for those items?
We’ll track them down and get them remeasured and request reimbursements for all eligible past orders


Amazon deactivates your inventory which leaves it stranded in their warehouse for various reasons. We’ll go through your stranded inventory and fix these for you. We’ll open cases, add hazmat information, and create listings.


Amazon suppressed listings without deactivating or closing them when they’re missing vital information.
We’ll go through and fill in all the missing info, but if we need Amazon compliant images you’ll have to supply those.

“Lydia has been fixing our orphaned listings since mid 2018. It’s a difficult task, always changing, and I’m glad to have her keep up with it so I don’t have to.”

– Kim Coghlan

Let’s work together!